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AXIS Indoor Recessed Mount


Metal back box with ½" (M20) and ¾" (M25) conduit holes

  • Supports a wide range of indoor fixed dome cameras
  • Quick and easy indoor drop ceiling installations
  • Support for 1/2" (M20) and 3/4" (M25) conduits

Fullfilled By: Security Cameras Direct

AXIS T94K02L Recessed Mount is designed for indoor drop ceiling installations, and is suitable for AXIS P32-V/-LV series, AXIS P33/-V/-LV series, AXIS Q35-V/-LV series network cameras. The recessed mount is applicable for indoor environments and is suitable for installation in air-handling (plenum) spaces as the enclosure is made of metal alloy with both 1/2” (M20) and 3/4" (M25) conduit holes for protected cable routing. Included Accessories: Installation Guide Drill template Gasket C M20 Kit for changing between compatible cameras *Please note that for cameras with audio functionality, the use of internal microphone is not supported with this accessory. Compatible Cameras: AXIS P3227-LV AXIS P3228-LV AXIS P3367-V AXIS P3374-LV AXIS P3374-V AXIS P3375-LV AXIS P3375-V AXIS Q3515-LV AXIS Q3517-LV AXIS ID: 01155-001